Demo Bikes

We have a range of demo bikes available. If you've been looking at a full-suspension bike but just haven't made up your mind yet, this service is for you. They're looked after and regularly serviced. Most bikes come with their own tools and spares (the bikes with SWAT storage, at least).

We'll Set You Up

  • Pedals and seat height
  • Suspension setup
  • Tyre pressures

A proper setup is really important so you can have a good experience on the bike. To guarantee a good ride, we'll set up the bike's suspension, show you how it all works and answer all questions.

You'll Need

  • Photo ID
  • $200 deposit on a credit card
  • Proof of Christchurch residence

When the bike comes back clean and undamaged within 24 hours, we'll give you the $200 back. If it gets dirty, just give it a good wipe down. Please don't bring back a muddy bike!

Rainy Days and Cancellations

If it's raining or the trails are closed (check status) we might have to cancel your booking. We don't want to do any damage to the trails or end up with muddy, gritty bikes. Click here to see Christchurch track statuses.

If a bike doesn't come back on time or any other unforeseeable event occurs, we may have to cancel. We try our best to make it all work, but sometimes things are beyond our control.

The Fleet

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