2019 Helmet Range

ANGi crash detection and contact notification.

Peace of mind like never before.

ANGi (Angular G-Force indicator) is a patented, helmet-mounted sensor that can detect a crash and notify emergency contacts with your location. With the new Ride app and the addition of both MIPS and the ANGi sensor, Specialized helmets now add protection, before, during and after an accident.

Ride tracking

Through the new Specialized Ride app, ANGi lets your emergency contacts know you’re heading out for a ride and, if you choose, to follow your ride in real time.

Crash detection & notification

ANGi detects impacts and sends notifications to your emergency contacts through the Ride app on your phone. If you ride solo or at night through the winter months, ANGi is like having a mate there to help if you crash.

Safety beacon

ANGi alerts your emergency contacts that you’ve crashed and sends them your GPS location. It works seamlessly in the background with the new Ride app for iPhone and Android.

How it works.

The ANGi sensor on the helmet contains an accelerometer for measuring linear forces and a gyro for measuring rotational forces. Using Bluetooth Low Energy, it communicates with the Specialized Ride app on your phone, which knows your location through GPS.  For the system to work, you must start the Ride app before your ride, which runs in the background. When it senses an impact, ANGi will notify your emergency contacts of a crash and include your GPS location.

The ANGi system relies on your phone's cell data and in the case that you lose service, you can set up time-based safety alerts. This means that you can set a length of time that you expect to be out of service. If your phone doesn't regain cell service and check-in with the Ride app server before this pre-determined length of time, ANGi will notify your emergency contacts.

ANGi is waterproof rated to IPx7 (submerged 1 meter for 30 minutes). The battery should last about 6 months for most people.

No subscription fees.

ANGi is now a free feature of the Ride app (which is also free). Every ANGi-equipped helmet comes with an activation code. When you enter the code in the Ride app, the crash detection and emergency notification feature will be activated for the life of the ANGi sensor. Awesome.

Compatible with all brands and most helmets.

The ANGi sensor is available to purchase separately and will generally fit any helmet that it can be securely attached to. They might not work well on some helmets that have weird shapes or construction. We put an ANGi sensor on a Troy Lee A2, which has a nice flat part on the rear, and it works well.

Every Specialized helmet now integrated with 

Every helmet in Specialized's 2019 line up now has MIPS, including the kids helmets. They've been observing the work and research claims from MIPS over the last several years and evidence proving the effectiveness of MIPS continues to grow. Through their own rigorous testing and evaluation process, Specialized now firmly believes in and endorses MIPS technology.

MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) is a low friction layer allows a sliding motion of 10-15mm in all directions. This reduces the rotational motion transmitted to the brain during impact. Specialized worked with MIPS to design a new generation MIPS system, called MIPS SL, that provides the benefits of MIPS but minimises the effects on overall helmet weight and ventilation.

Full range in-store now.

Some of the new helmets include the ANGi sensor while others are ANGi-ready, meaning the ANGi sensor can be purchased separately and added to the helmet.

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