We have a professional, comprehensive workshop capable of doing everything from a quick tune-up to suspension servicing and custom builds. The boys have years of experience and are avid cyclists who care about your bike as much as you do.

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General Service Annual Service Complete Service
Frame wiped down Frame wiped down Frame stripped down and washed
Check and adjust brakes Check and adjust brakes Check and adjust brakes
Check and adjust headset Check and adjust headset Service or replace headset
Align derailleur hanger
Align derailleur hanger Align derailleur hanger
Inspect cables and housings
Inspect cables and housings
Replace cables and housings (included)
Adjust and tune gears
Adjust and tune gears
Adjust and tune gears
Check and torque all fastenings Check and torque all fastenings Check and torque all fastenings
Test ride Clean drivetrain in chemical bath Clean drivetrain in chemical bath
True wheels and adjust hubs True wheels and adjust hubs
Remove, clean and regrease bottom bracket Service or replace bottom bracket
Test ride
Wash all components
Test ride
From $89* From $199* From $349*

Additional Services

Fork Service

Bikes with an air fork will periodically need service. A fork's performance will slowly degrade overtime as the oil and grease gets dirty. A service will make the fork ride like new again. We can do lower leg services for pretty much any Fox or Rockshox forks inhouse. Internal damper services are sent away to Fox, Rockshox or Specialized.

Most forks require service every 30-50 hours or riding. For most riders, this means at least a few lower leg services a year.

If you're riding the bike park, through winter or just in harsher conditions, you'll want to service it more often to prevent premature wear or damage. Our fork services start with dropping the lowers, cleaning the legs and reinstalling with new oil and grease. Dust wipers, other parts and further service are additional.

From $80*

 Shock Service

Full-suspension bikes will also need a rear shock service. Similar to forks, we recommend at least an annual shock service to keep them running smoothly.

This service includes disassembly, cleaning, new grease and oil and a replacement dust wiper. Servicing your shock regularly will keep it smooth and trouble free in the long run.

From $80*

 Specialized Brain

Some Specialized bikes (mostly the Epic) come with proprietary technology called the Brain. These need to be serviced by a Specialized expert at 50 hours from new and every 150 hours from there on. For most riders, this is often an annual service but it depends on how often you ride.

This service includes replacing dust seals, cleaning and replacing the oil and recharging the negative chamber. If your bike has a Brain, the suspension body requires servicing every 30 hours of riding.

From $270*

 Command Post Service

Just like shocks, dropper posts need service to keep them smooth and trouble-free. The Specialized Command Post should be serviced twice a year, in spring and autumn, sometimes more if ridden in harsher conditions.

Our Command Post service starts with cleaning and regreasing the internal mechanism. If your post is slowing down, this can help. If it needs more work, seal kits and further service are additional.

From $50*

Our Mechanics

We have two outstanding mechanics with years of experience and a real passion for biking. With heaps of road and mountain knowledge between them, they're all up-to-date with modern bike tech and regularly attend programs like SRAM Technical University and Specialized's SBCU.


Aaron is the real deal bike mechanic. With a wealth of knowledge acquired over the years and an inquisitive mind, he always has time for you. Aaron rides a Specialized Diverge and a homemade SS cyclocross bike.


August loves bikes. Always friendly and outgoing, he displays a charisma that you don't often see in bike mechanics. He's always there to help. His background is dirtjumping and he currently rides a Specialized P3.

*Prices quoted are for labour content only. Parts are additional.

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