2017 Camber Womens FSR Comp Carbon 650B

2017 Camber Womens FSR Comp Carbon 650B
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No matter the skill level, women can benefit from a trail bike that's durable enough to take on rough, technical descents in stride, while also being efficient enough to get up the trail with ease.


B-B Drop 23mm 23mm 23mm 23mm
B-B Height (650x2.3) 329mm 329mm 329mm 329mm
B-B Height (650x2.6) 334mm 334mm 334mm 334mm
Bike Stand-Over Height 709mm 724mm 728mm 743mm
Chain-Stay Length 420mm 420mm 420mm 420mm
Fork Length (full) 522mm 522mm 522mm 522mm
Fork Rake/Offset 42mm 42mm 42mm 42mm
Front-Center 655mm 670mm 700mm 732mm
Head-Tube Angle 67.5° 68° 68° 68°
Head-Tube Length 95mm 95mm 105mm 115mm
Reach 380mm 399mm 425mm 454mm
Seat-Tube Angle 75.5° 75° 75° 75°
Seat-Tube Length 386mm 396mm 430mm 468mm
Stack 578mm 580mm 590mm 599mm
Top-Tube Length (horizontal) 530mm 554mm 583mm 614mm
Trail 100mm 97mm 97mm 97mm
Wheelbase 1074mm 1089mm 1119mm 1151mm
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