Unior BikeGator + Repair Stand, Auto Adjustable

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The bike repair stand is the basic working tool both for service workshops and cycling enthusiasts.


  • It is easy to assemble and the support tubes are fold together enabling easier transportation between work place.
  • Maximum load capacity is 30kg
  • Suitable for tubes with diameter of min. Ø24 mm and max. Ø32 mm.
  • Weight of the stand without tool tray is 5.7kg
  • Replaceable rubber jaw covers.


  • The stand features a new array of precision aluminum and steel parts which offer stiffness and durability.
  • NEW Jaw mount and rotation system.
  • improved sliding system
  • NEW stylish metal tool tray with interchangeable SOS foam insert.

1.To adjust bike stand legs, release lever (A) and adjust the height (B) of standing legs.
2.To adjust bike stand height, release lever (C) and adjust the height of stand tube (D).
3.To adjust bike stand head, release lever (E) and adjust/rotate the stand head (F).
4.Adjust opened jaws (G) to the tube of bike. Turn handle (H) until jaws accommodate frame whole tube. Adjust final clamping pressure, to avoid damage to bike, do not over tighten.
5.Firmly hold bike frame (I). Flip handle (J) to quickly release tube from jaws.
6.For storage/transport, fold repair bike stand like shown on picture above.


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