Tempo Fluid Trainer Kit

Tempo Fluid Trainer Kit


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If it's important to you to make every workout count, the Fluid trainer is the most valuable weapon you can add to your indoor training arsenal. The engineers of Cycle Ops have designed the Fluid to capture real road feel through the use of a 2.75 lb individually precision–balanced flywheel for more momentum and stability of your rear wheel. Riding the trainer feels more like riding on the road because your wheel accelerates and decelerates on an infinite resistance curve, just like it does outside.

CycleOps have also Powertuned fluid levels for better progressive resistance and improved the position of sealed–cartridge bearings for better inertia and an ultra quiet ride that ensures increased wattage as you increase your speed. Just like riding outside, simply shift gears to increase or decrease resistance. When you spin your wheels on the extremely quiet Fluid it feels like you are actually getting somewhere.

The patented fan design with the self-cooling mechanism keeps the unit performing better and longer even in long training sessions. The fan design ensures a silent operation. Futhermore the is constructed from sturdy, 2-inch round, 16-gauge steel and has adjustable footpads for stability no matter what surface you're on. A clutch knob allows an easy adjustment of the roller. You simply adjust the resistance unit once and then lock it into place each time you put your bike on the trainer. This way there are no guessing games in setting resistance from ride to ride. With 2 inch roller.

The Fluid is equipped with folding legs for easy storage or transport. It fits different wheels sizes from 26" to 29".

CycleOps VirtualTraining compatible - No matter the time, weather or traffic, CycleOps’ virtual bike training app lets you get out and ride—even when you can’t get out. So you can reap the benefits of a full workout paired with the excitement of riding a virtual bike trainer along real routes all over the world as the app tracks your training data.

  • Wheel size compatible: 26 - 28 inch and frames with 120, 130 and 135mm overlock nut distance
  • Maximum resistance: 500 watt
  • Noise level at 30 km/h: 70-71dB


  • Trainer frame
  • Resistance unit
  • Quick release
  • Training mat 
  • Front wheel support 
  • Towel

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