Ryders Thorn Anti-Fog Glasses Black Matte / Clear Lens Anti-fog
Ryders Thorn Anti-Fog Glasses Matte Black / Grey Lens Silver FM Anti-fog
Ryders Thorn Anti-Fog Glasses White-Orange / Brown Lens Orange FM Anti-fog
Ryders Thorn Anti-Fog Glasses Black-Cranberry / Rose Lens Anti-fog

Ryders Thorn Anti-Fog Glasses


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We took the thorn out of your side and stuck it in your eye. A much better place for a Thorn, considering its optimal coverage and diverse lens options. Its solid frame construction and performance features allows you to wear the Thorn in any circumstance and now includes a Anti-Fog Lens

Fit: Large
Weight: 30g
Base Curve: 8C

Fog-Resistant Back

The back of the lens has a military-grade, hydrophilic layer. The layer absorbs and disperses water vapour/humidity throughout the material, eliminating the opportunity for it to condense on the surface as fog. RYDERS antiFOG will absorb more than any other fog-resistant treatment and it’s far more durable, never requiring reapplication.

Hydrophobic Front

The fronts of the lenses need to overcome an entirely different set of challenges than the backs, so it only makes sense that they’re treated independently with a hydrophobic coating. It defends against saturation by shedding water to provide a clear view, free from large drops and water marks.

Like all RYDERS lenses, antiFOG lenses are decentred, making them optically correct to reduce distortion and eye fatigue. They’re impact-resistant, scratch resistant, and provide 100% UV protection.

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