Unior Remote Control Set for 1693EL Electric Stand

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Title: Unior 1693EL.20 Remote Control Set For 1693EL Electric Stand

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Control your electric repair stand wireless from your bench, without ever touching the buttons on the stand’s control panel.

Buttons on the electric repair stand remote have the exact same double functionality as buttons on the control panel on the electric repair stand. Most practical functions are to lift/lower the bike to the height of the adjustable limiter or to the floor or hold & release the button at the desired height.

Remote Control Set 1693EL.20 includes the remote and small circuit board that is super easy to install; installation will only take couple of minutes and doesn`t require any pairing or additional setting when installed. Coded remote signal will prevent interfering with other remotely controlled repair stands in the same room.

Remote Control Set 1693EL.20 is compatible with Unior’s Electric Repair Stand 1693EL version 2.0, delivered from April 2021 and onwards.

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