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A Weekend in Hanmer Springs

A Weekend in Hanmer Springs

We stayed in Hanmer Springs last weekend, spending quality time with family and on the bikes. Between the awesome riding, Thermal Pools and many adult beverages over a wild game of Cards Against Humanity, it was a great weekend.

Aaron, head mechanic, was on the Rocky Mountain Pipeline, their 27.5+ trail bike. With a 150mm Rockshox Yari and 2.8" wide Maxxis Rekons, the Pipeline is an aggressive trail bike with big, confident tyres.

We climbed Clarence Valley Rd. to Flax Gully and hit all the good trails on the West part of Hanmer's trail system. Tank, Yankee Zephyr, Eagle's Nest and down Swoop. From there, we went back up Joliffe Saddle to ride the rest, like Big Foot, Detox and finally Mach 1.

The Pipeline rips! Rocky Mountain's trail geometry is spot on with a decently slack head angle (67.2-68.8˚ via Ride-9). The 2.8" Rekon is wide, but not too wide to have that vague, floaty feel that plus bikes can sometimes have. The build emphasises a good ride quality over having fancy components, meaning the carbon frame and a good fork/shock combo is more important than the drivetrain. The Pipeline is lot of bike for the money and an all-around sweet trail bike for anything.

Here's raw footage going down Big Foot.

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