The ultimate getaway vehicle.

Whether your goal is to escape on gravel back roads, far from cars and crowds, or drop the hammer at the front of your favourite gravel race, no bike does it better than the new Diverge.

Tour Aotearoa.

Fast and stabile.

The new geometry design features a longer reach with a shorter cockpit that's more stabile at speed through loose corrugated NZ gravel roads. The head angle was slackened and the fork's rake and trail increased to keep it stabile at high speed but without the slow, floppy feeling at slower speeds. The chainstay was slightly lengthened to 425mm for stability, but still kept relatively short for a lively ride. The bottom bracket was raised 6mm over the previous Diverge for more pedal clearance, but at 80mm drop is still a low, good handling bottom bracket height. These changes make the new Diverge a dedicated rig that's more capable than anything else in gravel.

Future Shock.

The Future Shock 2.0 delivers 20mm of axial compliance via a hydraulic damper that suspends you, not the bike. This system uses an oil port to simultaneously control the compression and rebound damping, while an easy-to- access dial above the stem enables you to make on-the-fly damping adjustments. The Future Shock 2.0 is equipped on the $6,400 Comp Carbon model and up. The other models have the Future Shock 1.5 with updated top out and bottom out bumpers.

Internal SWAT compartment.

The internal SWAT compartment gets gear out of your jersey pockets and into your frame for more convenience and comfort. You'll never forget a tube or pump again. Dual pouches keep it all dry and organized.

Room for 700x47mm or 650bx2.1" tyres.

The new Diverge has clearance for up to 47mm tyres for smooth gravel grinding or even 27.5x2.1" mountain bike tyres setup as a Monster Cross rig. The Diverge gives you options.

Riding shots above by @matt_rousu_photography

The Diverge range.

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