Regular Service

Like anything mechanical, bikes need some love here and there. Let's take a moment to explain what a new bike will generally need in your first year of riding.

Free 6 Week Check

We offer a free 6 week check on all new bikes to guarantee that everything is still running well. Sometimes gear cables can settle in and start to make a little bit of drivetrain noise. This check is basically the last step in a bike's quality control. Contact us and we'll get you booked in.

 Comp Service

If you ride regularly (commuting or 1-2+ MTB rides a week), you really should be in every 6 months or so. As chains wear and "stretch" in length they start to wear everything else they touch. If you stay on top of your drivetrain, it lasts longer and rides better. A Comp Service is from $80 (labour only).

Annual Service

These are add-on services for full-suspension bikes and bikes with dropper posts. Both of these should be done once a year and are easily added on top of a Comp, Expert or Pro Service.

Fork and Shock Service

All full-suspension bikes and hardtail bikes with an air-sprung fork ($1300+ bikes, usually) need regular suspension service. We recommend an annual fork and shock service to keep your fork and shock buttery smooth. Dust and dirt eventually work their way past the seals and into the oil, degrading the forks performance. New seals, oil and a thorough cleaning will restore the fork/shock to like new. You'd be surprised how much better they'll feel afterwards. Like night and day.

Dropper Post Service

Just like shocks, dropper posts need service to keep them smooth and trouble-free. The Specialized Command Post should be serviced once a year, sometimes more if ridden heaps or in harsher conditions. If your post is having trouble extending or just not as smooth as it once was, it probably needs a service. This service is only $90, which includes both labour and parts.

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