Rider-First Engineered

Key Updates

Lighter Frame

The new FACT 12r frame is now 733g (56cm), 200g lighter than the previous Tarmac. This weight saving was achieved through improved carbon technologies, without negatively affecting handling or aerodynamic performance.

Win Tunnel Engineered

The new Tarmac is 45 seconds faster over 40kms compared to other lightweight bikes in the category.​ 3 individually tuned forks across different sizes feature a truncated airfoil and vary depending on their stiffness requirements.

Dropped Seatstay

The new seatstay shape improves aerodynamics and increased rear-end responsiveness and compliance, seen on the Venge ViAS, Roubaix and the Allez Sprint.

D-Shaped Seatpost and Seat Tube

Development of the seatpost was critical for improving aerodynamic performance and comfort. To achieve this, Specialized engineers developed a D-shaped truncated airfoil seatpost that performs much better aerodynamically and adjusted the layup to progressively add stiffness as you move down the length of the seat post.

New Tarmac Disc

No matter your preference, rim brakes versus discs, you're covered. The two versions are evenly matched on aero performance, speed, and handling, so your choice is really left to what you like and not what you're willing to sacrifice.

The Bikes

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