Using every ounce of experience gained over the past 46 years, Specialized built a bike made simply for the love of riding. The goal was to make a bike that elevated the moments when human and machine become one, when we lose ourselves dancing up a climb or carving through a turn. This bikes throws out the rulebook to create the ride of your life.

Aethos (ay-thoss).

The distinguishing character or guiding beliefs of a community.

Not in it to win it.

While racing is at the core of many of Specialized's bikes, it's not everything. Aethos is a bike that's been in the works for a while, one that doesn't need (or try) to conform to any rules. This bike was designed to achieve the greatest expression of ride quality ever made. It's one for the riders.

Room for 32mm tyres
Threaded bottom bracket
Round 27.2mm seatpost for simplicity
Identical fit & geometry to Tarmac SL7

The lightest production disc road frame ever made.

A test lab experience truly birthed this bike. Lead engineer Peter Denk realized that true performance lies in the shape of the tubes, not the material. Through these revelations and renderings, he was able to improve the ride quality delivered and also save weight by eliminating traditional carbon stiffness layers. This reduces the plies necessary to build the bike by 11%, as compared to a Tarmac SL6. So, while the frame may retain that classic silhouette, hidden underneath is the most advanced technology.

At 585g for a 56cm, Aethos is the lightest production disc road frame ever made. The Founder’s Edition Aethos complete bike weighs 5.9kg without any flimsy weight-weenie stuff, it’s built with OEM parts.

One for the riders.

Available in NZ now.

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