Turbo Levo

The power to ride more trails. Now in carbon.

That's right, the new Levo is now available in two carbon models, the Expert and S-Works. All new Levos, both carbon and alloy, get a more powerful motor, increased range, updated Mission Control app and a walk-assist feature. The Turbo Levo is an e-mountain bike built for riders, by riders. It’s a send-it-ready, carbon trail slayer with a little extra oomph.

2018 Updates

New carbon frame

Now available in a full carbon frame that's 650 grams lighter than the alloy, 40% laterally stiffer in the rear end and 20% stiffer overall, the Levo is planted and confident.

More powerful motor

The new motor increases power by 15%, is incredibly silent, has smooth power delivery and is more efficient than its predecessor.

More control

The new Levo has a walk-assist feature to help push up those steep sections. Also, riders are now able to control the power modes between Eco, Trail and Turbo from the handlebar, rather than down on the battery.

Modern trail geometry

The Turbo Levo is not a watered-down Stumpjumper. It's a proper mountain bike featuring the same long top tube, short chain stays and Specialized's classic low bottom bracket. For 2018, the Levo 6Fatties are spec'd with the new 2.8" Butcher tyres for a more grippier, confident tyre than the previous 3.0" Purgatory.

How does the Levo work?

The Turbo Levo isn't a typical "e-bike" with a throttle control or anything like that. It's not an electric motorbike. It's a pedal-assist mountain bike that only works when you pedal. If you want to get up the hill easier, just shift into an easier gear, soft pedal and it'll assist more, taking you right up the hill. Pedal harder and the motor will assist less. Work as hard or as little as you'd like, it simply lets you ride more trails in less time.

Have a look a recent ride August, Aaron and Bobby did. The boys took the Levos out and did a full lap of the Port Hills, all before work. You can read about it here.

The Turbo Levo combines all of Specialized's hallmark mountain bike designs, like roomy top tubes, short chainstays, and low-slung bottom brackets, with the most powerful pedal-assist technology on the planet. You'll get up to 530 watts of pedal-assisted power at your disposal, plus reliable battery lifespans for long rides, all housed in a complete mountain bike package that's designed to handle like a proper mountain bike.

The Frame

Trail Geometry

The Turbo Levo gets the same modern trail geometry found in Specialized's other mountain bikes making it a proper trail bike.

Rx Tune

Like Specialized's other trail bikes, they custom tune each shock for the intended riding style, giving you the ultimate trail bike experience.

Frame Material

The M5 Aluminum frame is a super stiff platform, while also keeping the weight down.


Full-suspension delivers comfort, control, and efficiency on all types of terrain, both up and down the mountain.

Rattle Free

The battery has a cam-like lower support, ensuring zero rattle on the trail.

Integrated Speed Sensor

Mounted behind the rear brake caliper, the sensor is super stealth, and tucked away from any trail hazards.

The Motor and Battery

Belt Drive Transmission

Paired with a magnesium sprocket, the belt delivers a silent, vibration-free, smooth ride.

Planetary Gears

A light and silent group that gears down the motor, optimizing it for the riders cadence.


36 volts of pure joy. It’s a light and powerful unit that uses Neodym magnets for weight and power.

Circuit Board

The brain of the unit. It analyzes the rider input, torque, and cadence, and outputs the designated power through the trail-tuned software.

Power Meter

This communicates with the circuit board to determine how much power should be output. This power meter can also be paired with any ANT+ device, just like any other power meter on the market.

Battery Case

A robust and sturdy unit with an industry leading IP67 waterproof rating. Also features a trail display with a simple three-button mode adjust and on/off that is all displayed by 10 LED’s.

Battery Cell

40 top-of-the-line cells are industry leading 18650 3.5mAh LEV. The best power to weight performance.

Battery Circuit Board

Protects each cell from over/under charging. ANT+ and Bluetooth chip allows for pairing with a device or Mission Control smartphone app where everything can be tuned, and many other features.

Mission Control App

The battery has ANT+ and Bluetooth connectivity in order to control the tuning from the Mission Control app. Now, you're able to totally control the battery and motor as well as upload routes for turn-by-turn navigation. You can even sync the battery with your route and it'll automatically adjust its output to ensure you have a charge for your full ride.

Press / Videos

Tested: Specialized Turbo Levo FSR Expert 6Fattie

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Here are our thoughts on how this bike, and others like it, will fit in the mountain bike landscape, plus our thoughts on a few of the more common mis/conceptions about the Levo.

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Troy Lee Loves Electric Mountain Bikes


Troy Lee Designs is known for customizing helmets, apparel and protective gear for off-road motorcycling and bicycling, but lately you won’t find Lee on his motorcycle or a mountain bike.

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Aboard the Turbo Levo, the Coastal Crew showed us that the only thing lacking in the pedal-assist mountain bike platform is your own imagination. Ride one and you'll know what we're talking about.

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Why would I want pedal-assist?

We find that the Levo appeals to a variety of different riders. The trail rider can smash out multiple laps of their favourite trails without being exhausted on the descents. The person with a previous knee injury is now able to ride again. The Turbo Levo simply lets you ride more trails in less time making it appealing to a wide range of riders.

How heavy are they?

The Levo is the lightest 22kg mountain bike out there. When paired with the Mission Control App, you can manage the battery's output so you don't get caught out without a charge.

What's the battery's life span?

The battery is good for about 700 full cycles. Charging a half full battery would be half a cycle. For most riders, the battery will last a few years. Replacement batteries are $1,500.

Why the Levo over the competition?

The Turbo Levo is not a retrofit of an existing bike, it was designed from the ground-up to be a mountain bike with pedal-assist. This is what makes the performance and handling so great. With the motor and battery's weight as low as possible, the handling is nearly as sharp and agile as a bike like the Stumpjumper.

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