Smoother is faster.

Lighter than Venge. More aero than Tarmac. Engineered to go fast, the all-new Roubaix is the most technically advanced machine Specialized has ever made. The Roubaix now delivers compliance without compromise by introducing a radical new Future Shock 2.0 that gives you more control and damping options, a new Pavé seatpost that creates the most balanced Roubaix to date, aerodynamics that equal the Tarmac and a Rider-First Engineered frame.

Suspend the rider, not the bike.

The all-new Future Shock 2.0 delivers 20mm of axial compliance via a hydraulic damper that suspends you, not the bike. This new system uses an oil port to simultaneously control the compression and rebound damping, while an easy-to- access dial above the stem enables you to make on-the-fly damping adjustments. The all-new Future Shock 2.0 with damper is available on Expert and S-Works models. The Sport and Comp models have the Future Shock 1.5 with updated top out and bottom out bumpers.

 6 7 wins at Paris-Roubaix.

Philippe Gilbert has just given the new Roubaix its first win with a velodrome sprint finish at Paris-Roubaix.

The concept of “Smoother is Faster” began with FSR suspension, and through the Roubaix, was quickly applied to the road. 15 years and 7 Paris-Roubaix wins later, that concept has spiraled into a complete obsession for designing the fastest machine on the cobbles, with each iteration bringing more speed, control, and capability. And the new Roubaix is Specialized's fastest and most capable yet, for everything from the Hell of the North’s cobbles to your hometown loops.

Compliance without compromise.

The new Pavé seatpost is the first compliant seatpost that’s aerodynamic. Starting with the same D-shape design found on the Tarmac, Specialized built-in flex throughout the post and developed a new drop-clamp design in the frame. This makes the rear compliance perfectly balanced with the front-end, so you get a smooth, balanced ride no matter what.

Lighter, faster, more aero.

The new Roubaix frame delivers the perfect balance of aerodynamics, light overall weight, and compliance. Its FreeFoil tube shapes take cues from the Venge, and when validated in the Win Tunnel, the chassis is more aero than the Tarmac SL6. A Rider-First Engineered design ensures optimal stiffness and compliance across all sizes, as well as a frame weight below 900 grams (Size 56cm, Black).

Beyond gender.

Through findings in data of thousands of Retul fits, Specialized learned that body proportions vary as much within a gender as between them. This means that gender alone doesn’t provide nearly enough data to specialize. It means that separating bikes by male or female is arbitrary and outdated. It means that it’s time to go beyond gender.

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