All-New Turbo Kenevo SL

All-New Turbo Kenevo SL

Enduro + Turbo Super Light motor.

The Kenevo SL combines the Enduro's superb handling and all-out speed with the Specialized SL 1.1 motor in a lightweight package that rips down the trail with the power to climb up and do it again. It has 170mm of travel, 29" wheels front and rear and adjustable geometry with 6 distinct settings. Head angle can be adjusted from 62.5°-64.5° and bottom bracket height can be adjusted up or down 7mm.

The Style-Specific sizing is based on your preference and style (not inseam like traditional sizing) and is available in NZ in 4 sizes (S2-S5) in the Expert model and frameset. The S-Works model is available in S3 and S4 in NZ. Each size has similar headtube lengths and standover, allowing you to choose what best suits your individual style. Choose a shorter reach for a nimble and more flickable ride, or a longer reach for a more stabile and planted ride.

2x you.

The Kenevo SL doubles your effort with a new lightweight motor designed and built by Specialized from the ground up. Weighing only 1.95 kg, the 240-watt Specialized SL 1.1 motor is smooth and efficient with 35 newton-metres of torque and can assist up to 32 km/h. Combine that with a compact 320 watt-hour internal battery and you get a lightweight enduro bike for ripping laps of your local trails.

New MasterMind display.

The new MasterMind display is your information hub with customizable display fields, including the exact percentage of battery level, and it features an all-new MicroTune function to adjust power delivery in 10% increments, so you get exactly the support you need to experience precisely the ride you want.

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