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Bike Maintenance 101: Essential Tips from Chain Reaction

Bike Maintenance 101: Essential Tips from Chain Reaction


Welcome to Chain Reactions service basics guide, your reliable source for bike care insights. In this guide, we'll cover the basics of maintaining your bicycle for optimal performance and longevity. From suspension service intervals to chain care, tire maintenance, and tubeless sealant tips, let's get straight to the essentials.

Suspension Service Intervals:

Ensure your suspension is in top shape by scheduling maintenance every 50-100 hours, depending on your riding conditions. This usually only takes an average rider 6 months of riding to clock in 50 hours. Regular maintenance of your suspension (and dropper post!) not only keep it running smooth but keep it safe from premature wear and damage. If uncertain, seek advice from our technicians at Chain Reaction for personalized recommendations and professional servicing.

Chain Care:

Keep your chain in peak condition by cleaning and lubricating it every 160-240 kilometres or more frequently in muddy conditions. Chain Reaction offers a variety of high-quality lubricants and cleaners to maintain your drivetrain's efficiency and extend its lifespan.

Tire Maintenance:

Regularly inspect your tires for wear, cuts, and debris. Be aware: tyres are worn out before the knobs are worn away! If the knob edges seem rounded or the rubber is cracking they need to be replaced. Before each ride, check tire pressure. Explore our tire selection at Chain Reaction for suitable replacements.

Tubeless Sealant Tips:

Monitor your tubeless sealant every 3-4 months and top up if necessary. Giving your tire a quick shake can help indicate if there is any sealant sloshing around inside. Address any decrease in performance or issues promptly by visiting Chain Reaction, where you'll find a range of reliable sealants.


For practical bike care, stick to suspension service intervals in hours, keep your chain in good condition, maintain tire health, and monitor tubeless sealant. Chain Reaction is your one-stop-shop for expert advice and quality products. Pedal on with confidence!


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