Christchurch to Akaroa

Christchurch to Akaroa

We were planning this big 180km ride from Christchurch to Hanmer Springs for a few weeks before that big earthquake hit, leaving us unsure of the route and possible road closures. So we decided to ride to Akaroa instead.

Starting in Christchurch, we rode to Little River and along the rail trail into some serious head wind until you make that left after Lake Ellesmere. We stopped in Little River for lunch before carrying on to the climb up to the HillTop Cafe. A few smooth and fast descents later, and after a couple of steepish climbs, we arrived to meet family and friends in Akaroa for some fish and chips before coming back.

It was a great day out! Check out some of the photos.

From left to right, we have Aaron's new Specialized Sequoia, Darryl's own bike that he made, Will's Crux and Bobby's Surly Straggler.

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