old ghost road

Clarky Rides The Old Ghost Road

Clarky Rides The Old Ghost Road

Guest blog by Aaron Clark

The Old Ghost Road is 80-odd km of fantastic riding and constantly evolving, movie-set level scenery. It's like Peter Jackson waved a magic wand over the whole area.

There is not a single metre of track that is not a pleasure to ride, and the view is always stunning and sometimes breathtaking. You can see how much thought and work has gone into building the track, as even the most challenging looking areas are actually quite enjoyable riding. Any climbs are on such a gradient that any rider with some fitness will have no problems.

The huts are very well built, being comfortable and warm and spacious, with the Old Ghost Road run huts having gas cookers and all cutlery supplied. We stayed at Ghost Lake Hut and Specimen Hut which broke the trip up perfectly so that we had a very casual first two days of about 4.5 hours each followed by a much shorter last day out to Seddonville. Make sure you stay at the Rough and Tumble Lodge at the end of the track. The staff are very friendly and very good at looking after you, and the setting is very relaxing too. If you need a hand with moving cars, bikes or supplies, Barry at Buller Adventures can organise anything you can dream of to make your trip happen perfectly. We took our time over three days which made for a very relaxing and enjoyable trip.

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