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Gravity Canterbury Port Hills Enduro 2017

Gravity Canterbury Port Hills Enduro 2017

This was Gravity Canterbury's first enduro of the year, held in the Port Hills. It was dusty and loose out there, which made for some pretty intense stages, particularly the Gnarly Nun stage. With a few surprises throw into some of these trails, it was cool to be racing blind on trails that we frequently ride. The course was cool.

It was a great day out for the team, we were all pretty stoked to have put down some good times on most stages. 

Stage 1 - Pedal Fine, Radi Garden, Raceline
Stage 2 - Gnarly Nun
Stage 3 - Flying Nun
Stage 4 - Sesame St, Dazza, Sneaky Ridge
Stage 5 - Bowenvale Bonus

Here's a long cut video of the riding from each stage.


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