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Try a Specialized MTB Tyre

Try a Specialized MTB Tyre

As riders, we tend to stick to a tyre we know. When you ride the same tread pattern for years, they become very predictable and it's hard to want to try something different "if it ain't broke." There are many good tyres out there these days, but we think these are better and here are some good reasons to try some out.

Highly engineered, pro tested, race proven.

Specialized has been in the tyre game for decades with big investment into fine-tuning their designs and compounds. They have the World Cup results to back them up.

Lower prices.

Prices have been lowered by $20-$40 across the range of MTB tyres, making them less expensive in-store than similar tyres online.

Pricing is easy and based on casing.

  • Standard 2Bliss $50
  • GRID 2Bliss $60
  • BLCK DMND 2Bliss $70 (except for Eliminator & Hillbilly which are $90)

30-Day guarantee.

Specialized is so confident in their tyres that they guarantee you'll like them. But if you don't, just bring them back with your receipt within 30 days and we'll refund you.

Note, the guarantee only applies to tyres bought aftermarket, not ones that come spec'd on new bikes.

Easy to understand variations.

Buying Specialized tyres is easy. You pick the pattern, size and casing. All tubeless ready. All with the excellent GRIPTON compound. Available in 2.1", 2.3", 2.6" or 2.8". Easy.

Click here to see the tyres.

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