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The New Shape of Speed

The New Shape of Speed


The new shape of speed.

The all-new Venge is the fastest bike Specialized has ever created. It's faster and more aerodynamic than the Venge ViAS, yet lighter than the Tarmac SL5 Disc. The aero benefits of the new Venge eclipse that of the Venge ViAS and every other road bike on the market. It's also designed to be used over any course or condition, so it’s incredibly lightweight and has razor-sharp handling.

The technical development of the Venge was guided by rigorous testing and analysis in their Win Tunnel. Performance and feature decisions were made with real riders in mind, and they were executed with an attention to detail and craftsmanship that has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated.

Improved Aero

By first developing a vast library of shapes in the computer and then testing countless iterations in the Win Tunnel, Specialized's engineers created the winning combination of weight and speed.

Lighter Frame

The previous Venge ViAS was not a lightweight. At 960 grams for a 56cm, the new module is 460 grams lighter than the previous Venge ViAS and even the Tarmac SL5 disc frameset.

Rider-First Engineered

Every size as it should be. The Rider-First Engineered frame delivers optimised handling for all riders, with prescribed performance metrics per frame size.

Simplified Cockpit

With a more adaptable cockpit, the stem can be removed for travel and the stack height can be adjusted without recabling the bike. The new Venge stem is compatible with aftermarket bars.

Aero Is Everything

"I think a lot of times when we hear aero is everything, we mistake that for aero at all cost. Part of the development of the third generation Venge involves our knowledge of where does aerodynamics matter the most, and conversely, where does stiffness and weight matter the most."

Chris Yu, Director of Integrated Technologies, Specialized

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