Kids Sizing

Riding bikes is one of those universally fun things to do for all ages. But, finding the right size kids bike can sometimes be tough when you're trying to surprise them and they aren't in the store for a test ride. If you're not sure what size bike your little one should be on, let's try and clear up any confusion with a general guide. Kids can vary in size quite a bit, but the size guide below is a good place to start.

Of course, kids grow up fast and parents understandably want to get the most bang-for-the-buck from their purchase. But, avoid making the common mistake of going up a size a year early just to get more out of the bike. A bike that's too big can not only be unsafe, it can just put them off riding in general. If anything, it's better for a kid to ride a bike that's too small than trying to fit them on a bike that's too big to get another year out of it. It doesn't matter how skilled they are on their current bike, get a bike they'll want to ride now.

This is just a general guide, please stop by the store for further help.

2-3 years

2-4 years

4-6 years

6-9 years

9-12 years

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