How to use Hubtiger

Here are some quick videos on how to use Hubtiger. The overall flow is very similar to Timely, but Hubtiger adds some nice workshop specific features, like repair status and messaging.

Booking in a Bike

Make sure you're allowing it to first search for a customer to avoid creating duplicates. When creating/selecting the customer's bike, make sure it's not a duplicate because we can not delete them later. We need to keep the data as clean as possible.

Taking in a Bike

Add any necessary notes under "client notes" and mark the bike as being here.

Checking Repair Status

When a customer calls asking the status of a job, use the "Services" page to easily find it.

Collecting a Bike

Make sure to mark the bike as collected in Hubtiger when a customer collects their bike. Best practice would be to make a habit of always stopping at the workshop computer when bringing the bike out front.

Customer Messaging (for mechanics)

More of a feature for mechanics, we can message customers directly and the conversations are attached to the job. Customers who use the Hubtiger app will receive Push notifications, customers who don't (most won't) will receive a text message.