Maintaining Your Road Bike

Here's a standard maintenance schedule for road bikes. If you do heaps of km's, ride in the rain or commute a good distance every day, you might need service more often. Staying on top of maintenance, particularly with the drivetrain, is cheaper in the long run. Letting a chain wear too long will prematurely wear out cassettes and chainrings, which are the expensive part of your drivetrain.

Maintenance Schedule

Every Ride

Do a quick tyre and brake check. Road tyres are high pressure and low volume, they can tend to lose air quicker. Check your air pressure and look over the tread for any damage. Squeeze the brakes and make sure they feel good, make sure your skewers are snug, just quickly look over the bike for anything unsafe.


Lube your chain as needed. Wipe the drivetrain clean with a rag and lube the chain. Don't use CRC or stuff for motorcycles, they make a huge mess. We can help you find a good bike chain lube and show you how to properly use it.

6 Months

The bike is probably still running pretty well and just needs a minor tune up. Higher mileage riders/commuters will likely need a chain by now. Our General Service will tune up your gears, adjust your brakes to accommodate pad wear and we'll go through the bike making sure everything is still good.


At this point, your bike is due a good service, especially if it's been a year or more. Our Annual Service is a thorough service and includes putting the drivetrain in the chemical bath. We'll also remove and clean your bottom bracket where ticks usually develop.

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