Maintaining Your Suspension

Tips on maintaining your suspension.

Suspension needs regular service to stay running smooth and to prevent damage. A fork's performance will degrade overtime as the oil and grease gets dirty.

Fork service intervals

Lower Leg Service - Most riders need to do a lower leg service every 50 hours (Rockshox) or sooner (Fox recommends 30 hours). This is typically done every 6 months. For people who ride dusty or muddy conditions, this will be sooner than 6 months. If you have a season pass in the bike park, you will need to service your fork way more often.

Full Service - Forks will usually need a full service (damper and air spring) at least annually. Rockshox recommends full service every 200 hours, Fox recommends 100 hours. If one of your damper controls stops work or you hear squishy services, it likely needs a full service.

Shock service intervals

Air Can Service - Like a fork's lower leg service, your shocks air can needs to be serviced about every 50 hours or at least once a year at minimum.

Full Service - Shocks need a full service every 100 hours (Fox) to 200 hours (Rockshox) or sooner if levers stop working or you hear squishy sounds.

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