Phone System


Our phones are IP based and are all extensions now. You can even ring Darryn's cell from the shop.

  • 700 - Office
  • 701 - Front counter
  • 702 - Workshop
  • 703 - Darryn's cell


When you call the shop at its main 03 943 4925 number, 700 and 701 will ring together for 20 seconds before they stop and 702 starts ringing. Unanswered phone calls will just go back and forth between 700/701 and 702 every 20 seconds.

Making Calls

How to call both phone numbers and extensions. There is no pressing 1 to dial out now.

  1. Press Talk
  2. Dial the number followed by #

Blind Transfer

Probably the one you'd use most, this is for when you just want to transfer directly to someone else.

  1. Press * and 2 in quick succession
  2. Listen for the prompt then dial the extension followed by #
  3. Hang up only after 2 complete rings

Attended Transfer

An attended transfer is when you want to first talk to the person receiving the transfer before the customer is transferred.

  • Press * and 2 in quick succession
  • Listen for the prompt then dial the extension followed by #
  • Wait for the person to answer and announce the call like "hey, this customer wants to talk about fits"
  • Hang up to connect the calls
  • If the extension doesn't answer, press # and 0 quickly

Let's stay in touch.

We'll occasionally send out emails for sales and new stuff going on at the shop, not a bunch of annoying emails.