ShockWiz Rental

The ShockWiz takes the confusion out of setting up your bike's suspension. It analyzes a fork/shock's performance and makes straight-forward recommendations on what you can change based on your riding style.

Good for all experience levels and riding styles. Even if you have a pretty good handle on how a shock works, you might still gain some insight and have fun tinkering with it anyways.

Compatible With Most Forks and Shocks

Most air-sprung forks and shocks can use the ShockWiz. They're pretty easy to set up and calibrate and are useful for all kinds of mountain bikers. From the casual rider to experienced trail ripper, you can tell it what sort of riding style you do and it'll make suggestions from there. 

Easy-To-Use App

The ShockWiz app is where all the recommendations are made. You don't have to ride with your phone for the ShockWiz to work. It will record all of your riding data on the unit itself for viewing on your phone later.

$60 per Weekend

These things are not cheap to buy, so hiring them out only makes sense. You'll get it for a whole weekend, giving you plenty of time to analyze a ride or two and make changes.

We'll help you set it up and can also discuss and help make any recommended changes to your fork or shock.

Contact us to book the ShockWiz