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We are a group of passionate cyclists and skilled individuals. Professional, energetic and engaged in the community, we're happy to share our bike passion with the people of Canterbury. Independently owned, we've been selling and servicing bikes and gear since 2000. 


Flavio Vianna

Multi-sport competitor, road cyclist and mountain biker, Flavio is a prominent figure at both local and national level, mainly in multi-sport, and is an Ambassador for Specialized as well as Chain Reaction.

Paul Odlin

Road cyclist, time trial rider and semi-retired. Paul is a former New Zealand time trial champion and has competed at both national and international level. His real job is as a cycling coach. Paul is an ambassador for Specialized as well as for Chain Reaction.

John McKenzie

John receives support from Specialized as a National Ambassador as well as from Chain Reaction. John is well known in the cycling scene as a rider and speaker. Cycling would be different in Christchurch without John, he brings a lot to the table.

Dylan McNeice

Ironman. Winner of Challenge Wanaka and Challenge Taiwan (twice). Dylan is an International Ambassador for Specialized as well as Chain Reaction.

Aaron Clark


Rosey Shakespeare


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Rachelle Connolly

Multi sport, road cyclist, mountain biker. High flying at the local level and placed second at Hawaii Ex Terra despite being sick. Rachelle gets support from Specialized as an ambassador and also from Chain Reaction. Rachelle has a lot to offer in raising the profile of cycling for the women of Canterbury.

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Warmup Team

A veteran cycling team of 16 riders competing at both local and national events. Riders include John McKenzie, editor of New Zealand Road Cyclist Magazine. The Warmup team run the Sunday bunch ride from The Concept Store, Moorhouse Avenue – Come along and join us.

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