Using Oxipay

How to ring up an item in Retailer using Oxipay. This assumes that the customer already has an Oxipay account. Note, Oxipay is only good up to $1,500.

  1. On the right POS computer, scan the products they want to buy in Retailer as usual.
  2. On the iMac, open Chrome and a new incognito window (SHIFT + COMMAND + N) for the customer to use. Use Incognito so the customer has confidence their credentials aren't saved when we close the window.
  3. Still on the iMac, have customer sign into their account at, it's bookmarked on Chrome.
  4. Once signed in, there's a place to make a payment that will display a QR code. Find that.
  5. Back on the right POS computer, still on the standard blue screen with products scanned, grab the barcode scanner and go scan the QR Code shown on the iMac.
  6. Retailer will recognize that as an Oxipay payment and say "Oxipay" in yellow on top of screen. Just complete the sale and select the Oxipay as the payment type.