We are Chain Reaction NZ TESTING

We are a group of passionate cyclists and skilled individuals. Professional, energetic and engaged in the community, we're happy to share our bike passion with the people of Canterbury. Independently owned, we've been selling and servicing bikes and gear since 2000.

Follow our awesome ambassadors

Rosie Shakespeare


Endurance coach for multi sport, kayaking, running and cycling at Freedom Fitness Coaching.

Will Keay


Rocky Mountain ambassador, Gravity Canterbury Secretary and chill guy. 

Jacob Turner


16 year old weapon on a mountain bike and an all-around good kid.

Saxon Morgan


Road cyclist, triathlete and runner with support from Specialized New Zealand. 

Dylan McNeice


Professional triathlete, eater, beer & coffee drinker representing Specialized NZ. 

Flavio Vianna


Multi-sport athlete living the dream, supported by New World St. Martins.