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All-New Epic and Epic Evo

All-New Epic and Epic Evo

Behold, the new Epic and Epic Evo! Redesigned for 2021, the Epic family sees some pretty big changes. The Brain is more durable and efficient than ever (and only found on the race-focused Epic) and the Epic Evo has a super progressive geometry with numbers that look very much like a modern trail bike. We're really excited for these and have some in-store right now.

Epic. The fastest and most efficient full-suspension XC race bike.

For 20 years, Epics have rocketed more racers to the top of the podium than any other full-suspension XC bike. Now with a smarter, tougher, more responsive Brain shock and a stiffer, lighter frame, the new race-focused Epic cuts the time between starting line and victory even shorter.

Learn more about the Epic.

Epic Evo. The fast and capable XC/trail ripper.

Capable but efficient. Burly but light. The Epic Evo is the trail-focused version compared to the race-focused Epic. It has more travel, dropper posts, aggressive tyres and a more trail oriented spec. The Epic Evo is made for those all-day singletrack missions in the Port Hills and North Canterbury yet is still light enough for the weeknight XC race series.

Learn more about the Epic Evo.

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