Maintaining Your Mountain Bike

Mountain bikes need regular maintenance to keep them running well. They're complex things that get ridden in dirt and mud. Here's our standard Maintenance Schedule for most people. Bikes that get ridden heaps will need more maintenance than others.

Maintenance Schedule

Every Ride

Squeeze your brakes and take a quick look at your pad wear (winter is brutal on pads). Grab your wheels and feel for any play in axles or pivot bearings. Wipe your fork and shock stanchions with a clean rag after riding.


Wipe the drivetrain clean with a rag and lube the chain. Don't use CRC or stuff for motorcycles, they make a huge mess. We can help you find a good bike chain lube and show you how to properly use it. Check that your suspension sag is still good. 

6 Months

The bike is probably still running pretty well and just needs a minor tune up. Our General Service will do just that. If your fork is starting to get sticky, we can do a simple lower service with new oil/grease to get you by until a proper service at 1 year.


At this point, your bike is due a good service. Our Annual Service is thorough and includes cleaning the drivetrain in the chemical bath. Your fork and rear shock should also be serviced at least once a year. If you have a dropper post that's returning slowly, it may need service as well.

Additional Services

Fork Service

Bikes with a nice air fork will periodically need service. For most people, we recommend an annual fork service. For people who ride heaps or in harsh dusty or muddy conditions, you'll want to service it more often to prevent premature wear or even damage to the fork.

A fork's performance will slowly degrade overtime as the oil and grease gets dirty. The service is completely worth it and will make the fork ride like new again. We can service pretty much any Fox or Rockshox forks inhouse.

From $160*

 Shock Service

Full-suspension bikes will also need a rear shock service. Similar to forks, we recommend at least an annual shock service to keep them running smoothly. This service includes disassembly, cleaning, new grease and oil and a replacement dust wiper. Servicing your shock regularly will keep it smooth and trouble free in the long run.

From $80*

 Specialized Brain

Some Specialized bikes (mostly the Epic) come with proprietary technology called the Brain. These need to be serviced by a Specialized expert at 50 hours from new and every 150 hours from there on. For most riders, this is an annual service but it depends on how often you ride.

This service includes replacing dust seals, cleaning and replacing the oil and recharging the negative chamber. If your bike has a Brain, the suspension body requires servicing every 30 hours of riding.

From $270*

 Command Post Service

Just like shocks, dropper posts need service to keep them smooth and trouble-free. The Specialized Command Post should be serviced once a year, sometimes more if ridden heaps or in harsher conditions. If your post is having trouble extending or just not as smooth as it once was, it probably needs a service.

$90 (includes labour and parts)

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Want to learn more about your Suspension?

We have this clever little device called the ShockWiz that takes the confusion out of setting up your bike's suspension. It analyzes a fork/shock's performance and makes straight-forward recommendations on what you can change based on your riding style.

Good for all experience levels and riding styles. Even if you have a pretty good handle on how a shock works, you might still gain some insight and have fun tinkering with it anyways.

They're expensive on their own, but we hire them out for just $60 per weekendLearn more.

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