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Stock Item: Cane Creek AngleSet ZS44 / 28.6, EC56 / 40 Kit 0.5, 1 and 1.5 Degrees Cups Black

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The AngleSet™ threadless headset makes it possible to change the head angle of a mountain bike with ease.  The AngleSet™ offers up to six offset angle adjustments.  With steeper or slacker adjustments from 0.5 to 1.5 degrees, dialing in the perfect geometry to attack the trail is a breeze.

The proprietary design of the AngleSet™ is head-tube length independent and fits most standards.  A self-aligning feature between the bearings and steerer tube ensure a perfect fit and allows for easy fork installation.


  • 0.5° +/-
  • 1.0° +/-
  • 1.5° +/-

For further info on AngleSet Headsets see the Cane Creek Website

Cane Creek AngleSet AngleSet ZS49 — ZS49/30
(Fits 49mm [1.5" Traditional] ID head-tubes — 1-1/8" Straight Steerer)
Cane Creek AngleSet AngleSet ZS44 — ZS49/30
(Fits tapered head-tubes — 44mm [1-1/8" Zero Stack] ID top, 49mm [1.5" Traditional] ID bottom - 1-1/8" Straight Steerer)
Cane Creek AngleSet AngleSet ZS44 — ZS56/30
(Fits tapered head-tubes — 44mm [1-1/8" Zero Stack] ID top, 56mm [1.5" Zero Stack] ID bottom - 1-1/8" Straight Steerer)

For further assistance please see the Canecreek Headset Fit Finder Catalogue Entry

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