Cane Creek Top & Bottom Headset Assemblies

BRAND: Cane Creek
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Stock Item: Cane Creek 40 Series IS41 / 28.6 Headset Top Tall Cover Black

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A "Tapered" headset is generally any headset configuration in which the bottom bearing or assembly is larger than the top bearing or assembly. In a tapered configuration the top and bottom head-tube standards are typically independent and it is critical to identify each. For example, a Cane Creek standard IS 1-1/8" top head-tube assembly may be paired with a 1.5" traditional cupped bottom head-tube assembly.


Conversion parts and assemblies allow straight 1-1/8" forks to be used with tapered head-tubes. Conversion assemblies also allow straight 1.5" head-tubes to be used with tapered or straight 1-1/8" forks. Due to the great number of combinations, many headsets are offered as separate top and bottom assemblies for maximum flexibility.


For further assistance please see the Canecreek Headset Fit Finder Catalogue Entry

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