Creepy Crawler

Maxxis - 20" Creepy Crawler


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The Creepy Crawler F is the ultimate all-around modified trials tire.  Designed with a Super Tacky (ST) tread compound, this tire is built to keep you upright on the nastiest obstacles.  The Creepy Crawler F is made to be ridden with the Creepy Crawler R for maximum performance from your modified trials bike. 
Weight:  625grams


If you're a modified trials rider who wants aggressive traction for the most demanding conditions, the Creepy Crawler R is made for you.  The Creepy Crawler R is constructed to be strong and durable, featuring Super Tacky (ST) tread compound that sticks to any obstacle.   The 25TPI casing of the rear tire provides a slow dampening feel while protecting against pinch flats.
To sum it up, the Maxxis Creepy Crawler is the best-modified trials tire on the market.
NOTE: The 20" x 2.50" rear tyre does not fit a standard BMX rim.
Weight:  1,085 grams


Single ply, one layer of nylon Wrapped from bead to bead, a single ply tyre conforms well to the terrain and is lighter weight.
42a Super Tacky, provides awesome grip yet stable knobs prevent squirm on hard pack.

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