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BRAND: Spank
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Stock Item: SPANK Oozy Hub Front 20mm x 110mm Adapter kit

Stock Item

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Usage: Converts Oozy Front Hubs/Wheels to 20mm standard
Construction: Alloy End Cups
Weight: 20g

12x135mm ADAPTER KIT - SI-HA14
Usage: Converts Oozy 124x142mm Rear Hubs to 12x135mm
Construction: Alloy End Cups with O-Ring Seals
Weight: 25g

Oozy Hub front bearing replacement kit-2pcs - (1 hub) - SI-HA15

Oozy Hub rear bearing replacement kit-4pcs (1 hub) - SI-HA16

Oozy Hub 3 Pawl & Spring Replacement Kit - SI-HA17

Oozy Hub Freehub Body Replacement kit (with 2 bearings+spacer) - SI-HA19

SRAM 11Speed XD Driver  - SI-HA22
Usage: Converts Oozy Rear Hubs to 11Speed Standard for SRAM
Construction: Alloy Freehub Body with Bearings, End Cup, 4mm Spacer
Compatible with 12x142mm Oozy Hubs

Oozy QR*135mm End Cup Adapter for Oozy XX1 Freehub - SI-HA23

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