Spank - Spike 800 Race

BRAND: Spank
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Stock Item: SPANK Spike 800 RACE 31.8 30R Black

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  • DH World Cup tested and approved alloy handlebar in its 5th generation
  • A stronger, safer, performance optimized component for the weight conscious gravity rider
  • Patented bending and tapering technologies result in exceptional strength and performance
  • Shot-peening and anodizing enhances fatigue life even further
  • Adjustable to 760mm


  • KEY TECHNOLOGIES: Dual XGT, CNC Bending, Impact Ends, MGR, Super 6 Alloy
  • MATERIAL: MGR Super Six Alloy
  • WEIGHT (g): ±300 (5mm) / ±310 (15mm) / ±320 (30mm) / ±330 (50mm)
  • DIAMETER (mm): 31.8
  • RISE (mm): 5 / 15 / 30 / 50
  • LENGTH (mm): 800 (adjustable to 740)
  • GEOMETRY (deg°): 4° up x 8° back
  • FINISH: Shotpeen anodized, decal logos


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