Spank - Wing 12 Vibrocore

BRAND: Spank
SKU: SI-BW01-42
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Stock Item: SPANK Wing 12 Vibrocore Drop Bar, 420mm Black

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12° moderately flared, medium width drop bar balances off-road performance, with on-road aerodynamics and comfort, Vibrocore™ foam core reduces transmission of harmful frequencies of vibration, and increases bar fatigue life and ultimate strength, short 110mm drop and 65mm reach geometry is perfect for aggressive riding stance and long days in the saddle on mixed terrain, 31.8mm barclamp zone, and aerodynamic ergo top section enhances hand comfort over longer rides, without limiting range of rider/hand positions, 21.6mm inner diameter barends, allow use of most barend shifters.


KEY TECHNOLOGIES Vibrocore, On-Off Road Geometry
MATERIAL Zirconium Doped 7-Series Alloy
WIDTH HOOD TO HOOD (c-c): 420 / 440 / 460mm
WIDTH BAREND to BAREND (o-o) 498 / 518 / 538mm
WEIGHT 355 / 360 / 365g
DROP / REACH: 10mm / 65mm (all sizes)
BAR CLAMP / TOP SECTION: 31.8mm Ergo Profile
RAMP 14°


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