Zipp SL-70 Aero Carbon Road Handlebar

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Stock Item: Zipp Drop SL 70 Aerodynamic Handlebar, 31.8mm Clamp, 38cm Center to Center Natural Carbon with Matte Black Logos A3

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Zipp SL-70 Aero Tops in Performance, Functionality

Zipp’s new SL-70 Aero is, in every way, a high-performance bar. This unidirectional carbon handlebar is packed with the innovations for best-in-class fit, ergonomics and aerodynamic performance. With its wing-shaped bar top, the SL-70 Aero features Zipp’s latest bar refinements while building on the trend-setting aero legacy of the VukaSprint.

The bar’s distinctive wing-shaped top designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), the same software used to design Zipp Firecrest wheels. And the difference of that design is real. A traditional round-tube section creates drag of about 0.74 Newtons, which we found requires about 7.5 watts of effort at 30mph (48.3kph) to overcome. The airfoil developed in CFD that is used in the SL-70 Aero handlebar creates just 0.11N of drag, which means a savings of 6.4 watts over a round-tube section.

Beyond aero performance, the SL-70 Aero features the a 70mm reach to allow proper fit without compromising stem length and steering control.

The revised 10-degree ramp angle to the brake hoods eliminated need for up-rotated bars. The bar also provides ample wrist clearance for riding and sprinting in drops.



Weight: 240g

Material: Unidirectional Carbon

Clamp Diametre / width: 31.8mm / 70mm

Widths: 38, 40, 42, 44, (centre-to-centre)

Reach: 70mm

Drop: 128mm

Max Brake Lever Torque: 10.0 NM

Max Torque Clamping to Bar: 6.0 NM

Ramp Angle: 10°

Drop outsweep:


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