Keep it simple. That’s the Sinch mantra.

Sinch is a made up of couple of kiwis who know and live bikes. Their quest is to make biking more accessible, affordable and enjoyable for more people. They founded Sinch electric bikes to introduce riders of all ages and experience to a new level of reliability, design smarts, unbeatable value, support and choice – with greater performance across a range.

Let's explore the range of Sinch bikes.

Mode. The mountain bike.

Through the forest and on the cycle trails of New Zealand.

The Mode is a great bike for on-road or light off-road use whether it’s riding around town or exploring the cycle trails of NZ. The intuitive Shimano mid-drive motor provides plenty of assistance to let you tackle those longer rides and bigger hills. This makes your journey a Sinch and will end in an e-Bike smile and not a sweaty mess. Set yourself free.

Jaunt. The comfort bike.

Around town and on the cycle ways of Christchurch.

The Jaunt is great for getting around town and enjoying Christchurch's cycle ways. It has a comfortable easy step-through frame with an upright riding position for a safe and comfortable ride. The Shimano mid-drive motor will assist you up to 32km/h making the climbs and headwinds disappear. Never stop exploring.

We ride quality bikes from these fine folks.

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